Design inspiration

An important part of my inspiration comes from Dutch interior designer Eric Kuster. His style can be described as Metropolitan Luxury, which relies on the perfect balance of classic and contemporary, European and international and from a Dutch atmosphere creator and store named Christianne Rousseau where I purchased all Upholstery materials from. (I have no commercial connection to either). On my Pinterest boards there is lots more.


If there ever would be a next time, Hofmann Architecture is also very inspiring. (makeovers of Airstream)






  1. Hello dear familiepreis, I am currently looking for a GMC Motorhome – not so easy from Berlin – and have discovered your loving website. So far I wanted to have an original Palm Beach in the style of the 70s. Now I have discovered my dream car on your side. As beautiful as the houses and hotels that I like so much. Big, big compliment. And a great motivation for my project. I’m just trying to find a technically very good car at Cinnabar & Co., which I then completely rebuild in Germany because of TÜV. May I contact you in the future with material questions? And if you ever want to sell your dream car in the future, please, please contact us. I would pick him up tomorrow;) Greetings from Berlin, arsantik et web dot de


    1. Hello Arne! So sorry I have not reacted sooner. Not to active with WordPress these days since the makeover is finished. Thank you so much for your compliments. In the meantime did you find a GMC Motorhome? We started with zero experience but we do have a lot more now. There is a GMC European group on Facebook and there is a meeting every year in Holland (mostly Dutch GMC Owners).
      Just curious what you think our GMC would cost? And yes you can contact us always at +31 622 976459. We also have a European phone app group with lots of technical knowledge.


  2. Hi from Sweden,
    Nicely refurbished GMC!
    Also looking into buying one, but maybe then a 23′
    (I was thinking less weight, easier to handle in EU, and a little better gas milage)
    It would be very interesting to know shipping cost you had to NL, and from which port you shipped in the US. Also your average gas milage in Liter #;o)
    Could you please comment on the link to the European GMC group. Can´t find it.
    I may give you a call (to above no.) if fine in the near future.


    1. Hi Steffen,

      Great to hear from another GMC enthusiast. Did you see the article on How to import a GMC? You can find a lot of information in it. The average milage, we are still figuring out. We did a complete engine rebuild so we will be testing it this year again. Also we installed LPG Tanks. It should be 1L on 2.8KM and LPG 1L on 2.4KM. And don’t forget that you are seen as a truck so all the payed high ways are double expensive as a car. If you want to take a ferry…. double expensive. Is the 23 so much weight less??
      Not sure which link you refer to. On face book there is a lot of information on Classic GMC Motorhomes (Days of reading) and GMC Europe.

      Lots of greetings to Sweden from Holland,


      1. Hi Petra,
        Thanks for your info!
        I was referring to the European FB group. Could not find it?
        I did later on see that you have tons of pages to read. Amazing work done on all the documentation! (How to import, I saw under your post dated 21 Sep. 2016)
        I know that one needs to check where to import into EU, as VAT does differ.
        To Sweden many do import to Holland or Germany first, and then ship onwards.
        Yes, true with higher toll costs as most RV’s in EU are under 3.5t, and ferries usually are cheaper under 6m. The 23′ is just over 4.1t, and I don´t think possible to “skin it down” to just under 3.5t. Would be a great challenge though!
        I also read that much will be changed in all of EU by 2023-2027 regarding tolls, which most likely will make it all even more expensive driving a V8, and getting less access to the “environmental city zones”. To reach certain cities one will have to park the RV at the outskirts and take public transport the last miles.
        My thoughts with a 23′ is that it is approx. 1 ton. less in weight, and should get better gas milage. Also a little bit easier to handle + find parking for.
        Setup much like your interior, with a sofa that is a bunkbed, and rear for double bed. However, the rear would have to be dining during day time, and not permanent. I see that you used the rear for the gastanks, which wouldn’t work with the 23′. (the 23′ doesn’t have any dining table/bed up front, so rear is also diner)
        I also read about the drivers lic. issue, and in Sweden we can drive an RV as the GMC on normal B lic. if you have one issued prior to 1996. After that a C1 is needed, a special one for RV’s. A change to match EU rules better.
        I read many countries don’t know about this rule, and one is advised to have a translated doc. to show proof. Otherwise one may be fined for driving the GMC without proper license #;o)
        Best regards,


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