Over the years we received more (and more) questions and information requests for materials we have used for our makeover.

To help you (and me) find the material information quicker, we have created this list:


1 Silk in between curtains living room- produced by Henriques Rodriques” out off Portugal / Pattern: HR 7166/5 – bought at

2 Satin Cockpit curtains: 5€ find from the local market (incl hooks velcro ribbon etc 12€)

3 Velvet used on dinette couches, pillows, dinette drawers and dinette wall, bunk beds, master suite mattress and topper and pillows – produced by  Yvan Puylaert from Bank Design of the Time / Pattern: Manoi YP10003

4 Faux snake leather used on the captain chairs, TV Bar wall – Produced by Kravet Design Pattern: Namaqua color 16. (Faded by the sun the past 3 years looks even nicer and real vintage snake)

5 Sky Leather used for walls and headliner ceiling, Cabinet side pads, entrance door, Wooden blind covers, piping pillow, cockpit instrumental dash panel and  Steering wheel. Producer ? color 489 Gravel.

6 Countertop:

Materials bought at: Stone-Age – Material: Beton-Cire (betonstuc=concrete mix) Color 42 Michelle

Flooring (still updating):

7 Heat mats

8 Vinyl: Produced by Forbo: Pattern Novilon Prima 89075 (concrete look) or Forbo Novilon Viva 7315

9 Carpeting: unknown brand

Kitchen material:

10 Stove: 2 burner stove Boretti (camping store

11 Gas Oven&Grill: Dometic 3000 (camping store

12 Tableware: Donatelle bought at

13 BBQ: Big Green Egg MiniMax

TV Size:

14 Samsung 110 volt. Wide 57cm (22.44″)/ High 34cm (13.38″)

Led lights:

15 Used in headliner ceiling, TV Bar cabinet, cabinets kitchen and dinette – dimable 2700 Kelvin – 83 CRI – 200 Lumen, 1,8 cm deep and 4,5 cm wide

Walls and Headliner ceiling:

5 Poplar plywood 3mm (0,12″) Laminate side facing outside, inside covered with foam and Sky Leather color 489 Gravel, I do not know the producer. Total thickness 5 mm (0,20″)

Wooden Blinds and rails:

16 Black wooden blinds 2,5 cm. (0,98″) Although  2 0r 2,2cm (0,86″) would be better to fit.

Mirror glas and plexiglass:

17 Brown bronze Mirror glas 3mm used in Bathroom (cabinet doors and backdrop) and in bar (backdrop)

Brown bronze Mirror glas 6 mm used in walkway next to the fridge

18 Brown bronze plexiglas 8 mm used in bar (glas and bottle holders) and on countertop as watersplashstop

Paint: (still updating)

Satin gloss light used on all wood Produced by Sikkens color ???? All painted with roller accept dashboard.

Satin gloss darker used for dashboard spray painted color ???

Spray paint primer dashboard ????

Exterior: ??

19 Solar panels (still updating)

Sound system (still updating)

20 Steenless steel zink from ABK

21 Max Air Fans

22 Relax Chair:

Crespo Relaxstoel AP-232/80 Air-Deluxe

23 Cockpit table:

Kartell Tip Top designed by Phillipe Starck

24 ZIP Dee Awning