Welcome to our Blog! We are Chris (1968) and Petra (1966) and we have a love (sometimes hate) relation with our GMC Motorhome (1976).

After traveling the World with our 2 daughters , 11 and 13 years old (in 2015) we decided to buy a Motorhome/RV to continue our traveling but now closer to home.  We like the feeling of freedom this gives us – we can go anywhere we want (when we want) – besides we can bring grandmother, friends,  and our 3 dogs and cat with us for short or long trips. We live in Europe and our mother tongue is Dutch.

The 1976 GMC Motorhome Palmbeach was finally selected due to its Airplane Design, the quality of these coaches (they just don’t make them like this anymore) and the interior layout. I love that the front seats look like interior pieces and can be turned around so they  become part of the living area. The fact that you sit on the engine makes the space so much more useful. The size of 26ft is large for European roads and in this layout you have still plenty of space to seat people even if I leave the kids bunk bed out during traveling. After I have seen the ads and my husband saw the speed movie on youtube, we were absolutely in love with this Vintage rare vehicle.

The interior design is a major factor why we decided to create this blog. The style we are looking for can be described as Metropolitan luxury (from Designer Eric Kuster). We looked for new, old and makeovers but could not find anything which came close. So this blog is for all design lovers out there who need inspiration for there own renovations/makeovers.