Bunk bed and rear bed · Permanent bed

From claustrophobic to Masterbedroom feeling

Ok the bedroom is kind of small, in fact I used to called it claustrophobic but build very practically with the closet door and bathroom door open its a walk in closet…. The old seats have been removed to be replaced for a permanent bed. There are enough seats upfront (9) and I do not like to make… Continue reading From claustrophobic to Masterbedroom feeling

Permanent bed

Building back the water tank & pump.

By Chris: Water pump prep After ripping 90% inside out, I finally made a start with building things back in. Actually both parts are nice, but building up just a bit more. In the rear of the coach there is an extra insulation material (foam sheets with aluminum backing) on the floor and on the outside of… Continue reading Building back the water tank & pump.