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Before – after pictures

Personally I love before and after pictures in makeover stories. It gives you in one blink of an eye the “What” (what has changed) without having to read the why and the how of the makeover artist. In other words without the BS…..!! Exterior:   The entrance:     Home bar: Cockpit lounge:   Bunk… Continue reading Before – after pictures

kitchen · Original kitchen makeover

Countertop beton cire start – finish (final update)

Yes, finally! The countertop has been brought home for the concrete finish. I am so exited how it is going to look….. The kitchen is prept for the nasty job. The basis is a thin wood material what is going to be glued on the kitchen sides for stability. (We will glue everything, when we are… Continue reading Countertop beton cire start – finish (final update)

kitchen · Original kitchen makeover

Kitchen installation start to finish (finale update)

Update november 2017 with some final pictures: Previous: It has been a while that we came with a kitchen update. The complete Kitchen has been painted a long time ago and now we finally have the furnace installed. Next focus is on a new counter top. After some shopping I realized that only a natural stone or… Continue reading Kitchen installation start to finish (finale update)

Original kitchen makeover

Kitchen built a new one or keep the original?

We did not calculated on buying a new kitchen neither did we plan on re-assemble and restore the old one. The initial plan was to leave it in the coach and put a new countertop on it with new appliances. The thing is, when you start pulling things out, it is hard to stop, so… Continue reading Kitchen built a new one or keep the original?