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Kitchen dinnerware and storage (final update)

Update may 2017: Still needed to make a final picture in the cabinet with the dividers and the dinnerware. March 2017: O yeah …..the dinnerware set from Donatelle USA has arrived and I am quite sure that there are not many out here (Europe) with this kind of dinnerware from the states…. Totally love it. So now that… Continue reading Kitchen dinnerware and storage (final update)

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Before – after pictures

Personally I love before and after pictures in makeover stories. It gives you in one blink of an eye the “What” (what has changed) without having to read the why and the how of the makeover artist. In other words without the BS…..!! Exterior:   The entrance:     Home bar: Cockpit lounge:   Bunk… Continue reading Before – after pictures

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Kitchen cabinets storage before and after (final update)

Before my new dinner set has arrived I needed a temp. solution for the storage in the kitchen. I combined plastic with glass ware and used Ikea buckets for save storing. It looks already much better then before.       Update november 2017: Here the final situation on kitchen storage: When picking up the… Continue reading Kitchen cabinets storage before and after (final update)

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Choose tableware and what to stock

Can you imagine to eat and drink out of plastic? Ucky?! Yes I can, if it looks luxurious like these. Choose tableware: A lot of people (including us) just bring normal dinnerware while camping. It might look nice and feels luxurious – the downside is the weight – its space consuming and breakable thus not practical. My best choice is melamine;  its… Continue reading Choose tableware and what to stock

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Lets talk about Vintage Melamine

When the motorhome is ready (and it will some day..) we will need dinnerware and bedding and these should fit right into the overall design.  The thing with these GMC’s is that sooner or later you are getting the vintage tick.  As soon as it makes you smile you’re lost. When I saw these Melamine dinnerware sets  it reminded me of… Continue reading Lets talk about Vintage Melamine

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Countertop beton cire start – finish (final update)

Yes, finally! The countertop has been brought home for the concrete finish. I am so exited how it is going to look….. The kitchen is prept for the nasty job. The basis is a thin wood material what is going to be glued on the kitchen sides for stability. (We will glue everything, when we are… Continue reading Countertop beton cire start – finish (final update)