LPG Gas build in

What should have been 4 days ended up in 1 month before this project was finished. (They had a good reason … More

Bath module

The OEM hard plastic shell had a good wash and went from yellow-brown to yellow-beige. If we had more time we … More

Leaving the shop today

Since we started the makeover in January – we were guests at the upholstery shop “de Bekledingspecialist” – but after many … More

Led there be light….

Lighting is very important in every interior. The existing GMC lighting looks great the way they designed it – very bright, … More

Adding insulation

Man, let me tell you,  insulating the coach is a lot of work. (I might say that on everything we … More

Interior demolition

This motorhome already had a total technical update at Jim Bounds and finally at Alex Sirum Florida before we had … More