RV fine dining – dinette table

The story of our dining table

During our first holiday, we still had everything in the interior original (OEM). After the renovation we left the table space open and only used little side tables. 3 Years later the kids came with an request to have a proper dining table.  Here the search for a new design piece starts….

Ah well, I could not find anything to my liking, so we re-used the old one instead (Luckily we kept it). It only needed a bit TLC (cleaning, sanding and clear paint). In the past it only had 1 leg and wall attachment  (which is much easier to get seated).  But the wall is so beautiful tufted that a permanent table attachment would hide it. Besides it is very handy to pick up the table and place it outside incase you forget your camping table! (As we did). We bought 4 new tapered legs and still hope to find original old ones…. We are over the moon with this old / new dining table.

During the Italy (Sardegna) trip in 2018 we tested it and it tips over when we hit the brakes. (oeps) This can happen because we placed the legs more to the middle which is needed so we can still fold the top in and we are able to open the drawer.  We solved the tipping over by adding lots of weight on it during traveling having a large bowl with fruit on it (or when we are not using it screw the legs out and store the flat pack on the bed or on top of the coach).

We also found out that it is such a great design with the folded sides and spaces for the drinks that we totally fell in love with this vintage piece.

Fine dining in the RV

The majority of RV-ers are not Glampers. And that is a good thing because then you have more time to do other stuff. Well I am a “Glamper” (= Blend of glamorous +‎ camper, parallel to Glamping). Combine Glamper with fresh homemade food and you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing your diners.

Glamping is nothing new, it is already invented back in the 70’s, if you ask me… The ads from GMC Motorhomes but also Winnebago and Airstream are hilarious! Dressed to impress, good wines, handmade crystal wine goblets, Bone china porcelain,  lots of silver, Oh my …incl. diner candles and even Cheese Raclette (don’t try this during driving)

So today we have the good wines, the full stocked bar for cocktails, the handmade crystal, chefs dining, the only thing what we miss is the outfits! On every holiday picture we are close to naked…

It would be so funny to try and copy these ads one of these days……. Here is our version of todays Glamping and fine dining in the RV.


  1. Vandaag gelijk jullie site bekeken ! Wat een pareltje hebben jullie en ik ben super blij dat ik hem “live” heb mogen bekijken 😍. Nogmaals dank je wel voor jullie gastvrijheid en inspiratie van vandaag…..En hopelijk komen we in de toekomst elkaar nog een keer tegen … Als wij ook een pareltje kunnen scoren ! Groetjes Tanja


    1. Hey Tanja,

      Super leuk jullie gezien en gesproken te hebben. Zou wel heel gaaf zijn als jullie een GMC kunnen scoren! Dan gaan we daar natuurlijk vet op proosten de volgende GMC meeting! Heel veel succes en hartelijke groetjes, Chris en Petra


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