Drawers were ever there is a space!

5 Juli 2017

More storage is probably a scream from every GMC Motorhome owner. So getting drawers under de seats is highly recommended. The problem is….. we are not very good carpenters and that is the reason why this projects was saved for last until we forgot about posting the results.

IMG_4167.jpg                IMG_4166.jpg

The first 2 drawers are build in under the permanent bed. We wanted it to look like OEM (factory built). It has a facing-construction which is common in the USA but not here in Europe. Off  course the full extension drawer slides did not match this system and it took us ages to figure it out….

IMG_4164.jpg             IMG_4165.jpg

How we did it, do not ask but in the end we made it function and slide perfectly. And to keep it closed during travel, we first used the same closures we have on the cabinets but those still opened as we drove around and this can be quit irritating to be honest. So now we have big locks on the inside. Everything stays closed, even after take off vertically..

After this we made a drawer in de fridge and the dinette. Yes, soft close of course…                It looked as if it was there always. The drawer under the dinette seat next to the door is really a big improvement. I have shoe size 11 and store several types of footwear in this drawer. So glad we did that.

IMG_4161.jpg                     IMG_4163.jpg



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