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GMC travels to Sardegna

So after a complete engine/transmission makeover it was most likely not the smartest thing to do but I had promised the youngest.

Another complicating factor was that we also rented out our home for the holiday season, and we needed to update a lot off things to get it perfect (mostly in my mind). When the guests arrived at our home, the GMC motorhome was not ready yet and our periodic approval to drive …… was not done. Conclusion we were homeless for a couple of days and we slept on the bridge in the garage….Oh well its part of the GMC story, and let me tell you, never a dull moment!! We went through 3 approvals before we could finally start the journey to Sardegna. Chris promised me next year we will start very early so we do not have this stress every year…

We were 2 hours driving when our youngest said she forgot her handbag….. Oops. We decided to go anyway even without her ID card.

Cruising in a GMC Motorhome.


The camping spots (official and boon docking)

Chris the mechanic…..

To be honest, this was not our most relaxing holiday ever….

After the whole chaos in departing, we blew a new installed hydraulic hose of the steering pump and stranded on the way out – after dumping (thanks for that!) on the first camping named Tortuga.    The part was send to us by our friend from the Garage in the Netherlands but took 6 days to get there.  The whole camping full with Italians asking us every day if the package arrived…


Fine dining in a GMC motorhome

Love to have a real table back in the GMC Motorhome.!  The first travel we made in the USA,  it was still in place. After the makeover, the open space with only little side tables was the preference for 3 years until the kids came with an update request and that was a dining table. So we reinstalled the old table top, we luckily still had. It only needed a bit TLC (cleaning, sanding and clear paint). In the past it only had 1 leg and wall attachment  (which is much easier to get into).  The wall is so beatifull that I did not want to destroy it with a table attachment. Therefore we purchased 4 new tapered legs and hoping for original old ones…. Doesn’t it looks fabulous.

Back to school

Our home was still occupied with guests form the UK, so  we lived a week on a camping in our home town while the kids went to school. Weird but finally we could relax!









3 thoughts on “GMC travels to Sardegna

  1. Zoals altijd weer een genot om deze pagina’s van jullie te bekijken. Geweldig en fijn dat alles nu weer 100% is geworden. Groetjes van Marjon en Daniel
    PS: Stuur eens een paar van die geweldige foto’s (o.a. waar jullie GMC naast dat schip staat op de kade) naar Kim Brelje Weeks, de secretaris van GMCMI die vraagt er altijd om, voor de jaarlijkse kalender die ze uitbrengen.


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