Curtains cockpit DIY

The last task concerning window curtains was to make them fit to the curved wall. Easy fix and a big improvement by adding a lint and velcro. Now its held perfectly in place if you take some effort to close them properly, including pleading. Off course no one (accept me) in our Motorhome is that organized….


After staring with the OEM curtain rail, we did change it out for a plastic bendable track (10 euro) The original track stopped before the curve and left a wide open space of 15cm on the sides.


No double fabric because it stands out wide and needs to much space, therefor simply wrap the ends in a thin ribbon to make it look nice.
IMG_9779 kopie
Nice small package when opened
Curtains without ribbon. With ribbon it keeps nicer to the curved wall.
Daytime modes – we close the voile for privacy and ambiance

The original curtains were from a very stiff cotton fabric and therefore did not hang very nice. What I liked about them was the single pleads with a back fold which is a spacesaver when opened. Material used is only 1,25 times the total length, sewed in pvc runners or fold hooks and runners) will do fine also. Velcro tape to keep the curtains on the curved sides. Important for me is that the curtains look nice,  organized and sleek both opened and closed.

The darkening fabric was a leftover piece I bought for 5 euro plus fold hooks and rail runners for 12 euro. This is just enough to remake the original curtains, however 1,5 the total length would have been nicer.

For those GMC-ers who like to know how I made them I will try to explain here but I can tell you that I had to count and count over and over again and did not understand it at all until I actual did it.

  • Cockpit original curtain rail = 162 cm (2x) (63,77″) plus overlap under mirror = 26cm (2x 13cm) (10.23″)
  • Total curtain rail plus overlap = 175cm (68,89″) + 1 cm (0.39″) for velcro tape (2x) = 176cm (69.29″)
  • start with 2,5cm (0.98″) dan add pleads of 3cm (1.18″) every 10cm (3.93″) = 16 pleads 45cm (17.71″) + 2,5cm (0.98″) for the end
  • Original fabric was = 230cm wide (90.55″) x 93cm high (2x) (36.61″)

Re-used the old curtain tape (did not want to go to the store again and it was already perfectly pleaded…)

Lay it out on a table.

Here are some of the better examples of GMC-ers I found online.

20140422_071516-1 kopie
The 13 cm overlap when closed seems to be an issue when opened. I want to use fold hooks so you can hang them when opened. In my curtain rail there is no end stopper, so you simply pull the curtain out. My size is just enough so it only will run out what you need to close (2 runners left and 1 on the right).
Same curtains closed. I will go a thicker darkening material.
The length of this one is really nice, just above the bunk bed/couch
BEFORE: Curtain space small when opened.
AFTER: The sides will be made the same as the original (with velcro on the sides to stick to the curved wall)
IMG_3214 3
AFTER: The original had a back fold to save space. It looks nice


  1. You did a great job!!!! The back fold looks so nice and I’ll be looking up how to do this for mine. Thanks for sharing 🙂



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