PP (poo pump)

If you don’t want to end up like me, outside your GMC, on a hot afternoon on a historical square in France, between tumbling turds….and spectators, or not be able to dump your tank at all, as on many occasions in Europe due to the widely use of waste water cassettes…. You should make your best improvement ever..!! Last year I installed a macerator. Finally convinced my wife that we could dump faster, cleaner, and drive around without shit smell.

Bought a Jabsco pump online and build the kit myself.  Total costs were roughly 300 Euro. Installed at the end the OEM main valve. It grinds everything that comes through, so it can be discretely pumped through a normal garden hose into a waste dumping point, instead of blobbed out that big black snake that fits nowhere. Ours has a on-off switch, but the real freaks use a remote control. How cool is that..? Imagine you have tailgaters..                        We both concluded it should have made the update list much earlier then it did (after 3 years traveling).


Our system still has a valve operated dump pipe, so dumping and if necessary cleaning  is possible at all times. I placed a flexible piece of pipe on the old (opened) valve and used this to connect the rest of the plumbing and valves. The back of the GMC is still lowered before dumping and once in a while I throw up a few bags of ice cubes trough the toilet in to the holding tank. Then drive around for some time, until all ice is melted and then empty all its contents.


A macerator works so easy and clean, but beware and tell your guests to not throw cotton swabs or any other stuff but toilet paper in your toilet, otherwise you will have additional work to do for sure.

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