Roof rack

For our two daughters (meanwhile 14 and 16 years old), we try to make our camper trips a bit more … More

Solar roof panels

During our trips we noticed that at some occasions the start engine had problems during take off. For some reason … More

A big block..

March 2018 It started with some oil leakage … We already knew that our 42 year old camper leaked here … More

Curtains cockpit DIY

The last task concerning window curtains was to make them fit to the curved wall. Easy fix and a big … More

PP (poo pump)

If you don’t want to end up like me, outside your GMC, on a hot afternoon on a historical square … More

GMC travels to Sardegna

So after a complete engine/transmission makeover it was most likely not the smartest thing to do but I had promised … More