GMC travels to Spain

This is one of the reasons why we wanted a Motorhome. Just to park it on the beach! With the sound of the ocean to rock you in sleep every night.

But to get there (close to Barcelona) we had to drive for 10 hours – 2 days. It was exhausting especially for Chris as he is the only one allowed to drive the beast with his truck license. The first night we camped on a hotel parking lot in Baune – France, which was really cold. Especially off the grid with no heating! That is next on the Agenda, we have to fixe that thing! (Before the spring trip back to this place).

But when we arrived – Oh man – all was soon forgotten…..


Our home was parked in front of all the expensive hotels. And guess who had the better view? The parking was also free as it was off season. The concrete bench was all we needed for happy hour.


IMG_0639 kopie.JPGIMG_0648.JPG




1 Comment

  1. Leuk reisje … en ja ik ken het, moest wat dichter bij huis zijn … blijft een klere eind als je alleen rijdt, eigenlijk mooier te rijden als je minimaal twee weken hebt. Leuke foto’s!
    Groetjes, Daniël en Marjon


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