Ikea sheets hack

Decorating a small RV is all about the details. Still love the custom made Ikea sheets I made last year but there was something missing…. a touch off 1976 vintage. The permanent bed is also finished now and needs custom made bedding too,  for a foam 12 cm mattress with 5 cm topper (size 135cm x205 cm). Thanks to my mother in law I have a lot of vintage fabrics to choose from.

Before Ikea plain bed sheets (refitted to the small RV bunk bed)
After Ikea bed sheets hack. Added vintage lace and linen.




After Ikea bed sheet hack. Added vintage lace and linen.

The headboard is recently finished for the permanent bed in the rear – but with the new color background the Ikea brown sheets do not match anymore, so I decided to tear up some off my Egyptian cotton sheets from Bali and added a touch of drama with black satin ribbon. (Easy to recognize these custom made RV sheets so they don’t end up in the linen pile…)  Can’t wait to see these crispy white cotton sheets on the bed.

Add black satin ribbon to your bed sheets..



1 Comment

  1. Hallo Petra,
    Jullie designafdeling draait overuren 😉
    Het wordt steeds mooier !! Geweldig.
    Groetjes, Daniel


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