Valences and screens


This has been a big discussion between my husband and myself. The wooden mini blinds look great but I think they are a night mare. What is wrong? Not a good fit behind the cabinets and so we can not open or close them easily – not a good closure on the curves so people can look in at night – and rattling during travel. In one word they made me go crazy in our holiday! My husband is not enthusiastic on the new task for his already long list but for me this is a top priority.

Here you see how other GMC motorhome users solved the mini blinds issue:



These are nice but we like the valences to be smaller/slimmer.  We decided to go for  plywood covered with headliner fabric.


The Dinette, bunk bed and entrance door are finished. We still have to do the kitchen and the bedroom. It is quit a task because the cabinets need to be removed to place the valences. At the same time it is handy to clean/repair the windows and the screens also. And here is the end result.



Behind the cabinet we made the controller smaller so it fits better.
The valences are small but do the job. (Keeping the wooden blinds to the curved wall).

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