Exterior paint update test color

Initially we hoped that buffing out the OEM paint would be enough but it looks to tired overall and in some places it even start peeling off. For those looking for advise I can only tell you to start with the exterior instead of the other way around. We have added already meters and meters of sealant which all have to be removed again for the paint job and we have to remove all the vents (again) for the 3rd time as well.

Returned at the upholstery shop “de bekledingsspecialist”  where they are so kind to let us do some work on our coach. In the last couple of days, the fans and roof AC have been removed, the driprails, the side rail top part and all the doors. The windows with the new rubbers stay in but the recently added sealant will have to go again.IMG_5687.JPGIMG_5688.JPG

The awning needs help to be removed. It is to heavy.

My husband just loves the OEM logo’s and wants them all back on the new paint. Mmmmm not so happy about that.

And look how different the paint color is in different parts of the coach, after 40 years.

The stripes are al stickers. We do not know yet if we paint them back on or do stickers again. Depending on price and on what we want.


The GMC has been moved to another shop to prepare for painting. Today my husband started working on the sanding down fase. After close to 30 comments on “Classic GMC Motorhomes” page at facebook he decided to get the Imron original paint off. We are not sure what is original or has been added and we are hoping for a very good result without the risk of leaving it on. The roof is partly done but it is a lot of work.


The shop supplies the material to work with.


After 50 hours of sanding. The roof is finished and half of one side. Yep it is a lot of work if you sand down to the beginning.



The Zip Dee awning needs to be removed



7 November Update.

Not sure when we started exactly with the exterior but  this must be the 10- or 11th week. Not full time but around 5 hours daily I guess. This is a very time consuming method which is not recommendable….But we want this to be in the family for another 40-50 years so quality and durability is key.

Here are some update shots of the samIMG_6105.jpgIMG_6107.jpgIMG_6106.jpgIMG_6110.jpgIMG_6111.jpgIMG_6073.jpgIMG_6074.JPG

11 november, Tested the color on the wheel spare cover. Turned out really nice. Its a metallic champagne.14963241_1303176689715464_4968112287948751396_n.jpg




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