Led lights – Electricity – the most frustrating part

The one thing we both are uncertain off is the electricity. We have so much going on here due to the USA – Europe conversion that we can not figure it out.

110 Volt:

New waterpump, new waterheater, new Norcold fridge,  and new Dometic airco.

12 volt:

New and existing lightning, new max air vents, new bathroom fan, new oven and new gasburner.  

220 Volt:

New sockets and the new outside connection.

The first issue was with the ceiling led lights. We bought them in a local store for 300 Euro, looked great but did not burn and finally blew up… The problem was that this company connected 3 Volt directly to the 12 volt battery and that off course was a bad idea. We lost our trust (after 5 months maybe not so strange) and got our money refunded, which was a relief for us. The bad side is that we already installed wiring and drilled the holes in the new headliner…… (Yeah great stuff).

Now we bought new ones (exactly the same but – 12 Volt instead of 3 Volt) – 2700 Kelvin – 83 CRI – 200 Lumen, 1,8 cm deep and 4,5 cm wide. This time including a driver which stabilizes the volts in 12 Volt continuously. Saturday we had the online-seller over to connect the lights himself and voila…… That is high service! Now we have to figure out the rest of the electrical system as we need to replace the existing lights and we need the landline 220 volt to work.

Joop is helping us out with the rest of this mumbo jumbo stuff. Joop, is a retired electrician and playing on safe. And traveling with our kids and loved ones I think is the best thing to do.  He did not like the external cord Chris had installed.  Apparently there is no 35-40 amp anywhere in European campsites (!?!) so the original cord should be changed out for an European one of 16 amp.  This means we have to start over but I feel better if we do these technical things by the book and not on good fate. We have seen Joop a lot…… it was much more work then we have thought.

Maybe we should not have kept the 110 volt (not buying the appliances in the USA) but make everything 220 volt, that could have saved us a lot of issues..

Before kitchen cabinet light
After kitchen cabinet light

IMG_9672IMG_9671But the lightning sure is beatifull.



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