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Electricity – the most frustrating part

The one thing we both are uncertain off is the electricity. We have so much going on here due to the USA – Europe conversion that we can not figure it out. 110 Volt: New waterpump, new waterheater, new Norcold fridge,  and new Dometic airco. 12 volt: New and existing lightning, new max air vents, new bathroom… Continue reading Electricity – the most frustrating part

Bunk bed and rear bed · Permanent bed

From claustrophobic to Masterbedroom feeling

Ok the bedroom is kind of small, in fact I used to called it claustrophobic but build very practically with the closet door and bathroom door open its a walk in closet…. The old seats have been removed to be replaced for a permanent bed. There are enough seats upfront (9) and I do not like to make… Continue reading From claustrophobic to Masterbedroom feeling