Home bar diy from the beginning to the end (final update)

Final pictures update november 2017 (see also other home bar posts)
Great smile when I look inside.
The best design element in this GMC
Previous april 2017

AH YES the end of this project is at the horizon. Today and yesterday we added a aluminum edge around the opening – sanded satin gloss. (Was looking for bronze but could not find it for a reasonable price). Installed 2 shelfs. That was not ideal¬†because the weight was pulling it down, so we added another bar to prevent it from hanging. In one shelf we made openings for the leaded Chrystal whiskey glasses. Also that was not ideal – as they are all handmade – and the glasses had different sizes. We added a mini “stopper” in the holes were the glasses were to small but they don’t stick.

The whiskey glass holder with a bar glued to it, to strengthen it.
Now with edges in the corners. (Crystal decanters do not fit this space only bottles up to 7cm.)
Making the edge for the corners
Previous steps:

The last post 4 months ago, not much happened on this wall until the smokey glass mirror was installed. Love smokey glass – very seventies but also instant glam article. Also 2 plexi glass shelfs arrived. The plan is to drill holes in these to store the glasses, but it also looks very nice just standing up as well.  Still figuring out the details.

Figuring out the details
IMG_4390 2
Figuring out the details
Before as vacuum cleaner


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