Check for leaks

The GMC has a lot of leakage potential, be sure to check all holes in the roof. Wished I did that before starting on the interior….. The professionally (new) installed Dometic air vents (see earlier post) were leaking like crazy when we shipped home. Repairing was already done in the Upholstery Shop.  After lifting the Dometic roof top, there was a lack of sealing material underneath. No wonder it was leaked.  Were people work, they can make mistakes, no problem but this looks more like stupid? – ran out of sealant? sabotage?……  wow how frustrating.

Coop Motorworks…. Seriously? Does this look like it is sealed?

So having that said and fixed I felt save to pull the lady out off the workshop. After standing outside in the Dutch rain for 2 days – there are leaks again. Its dripping seriously out of the Max air front fan ?!? What again? No this can not come from the outside because I’ve sealed double – no triple this time! There is also water coming out of the wall passenger side. From the window captain side, above the entrance door and a big splash on the floor were the bed should be. I have named all the body parts and bad words I know to describe my frustration. The new upholstery has now water marks….

So the whole week I tried to stop this horrible scenario with sealing all the windows – the newly installed Zip Dee awning – (sealed and re-installed) the roof dripping rail  – the dripping rail above the door –  the new proff. installed ladder etc etc. Spend about 150 euro on material and hopefully we do not need to do it again when we start with the exterior.

Still need to figure out were the water from the back is coming from before starting installing the bed. I guess its the side strip.

Learned a lot – it would have been smarter to start with demolition – exterior (reinstall everything new sanding and painting) – then new interior. But it would take longer before its ready for holidays. Now at least we already had summer 2015 in USA with Coop Motorworks installations in the original coach and hopefully we have this summer 2016 with the new interior and then next summer 2017, with the exterior done. Well maybe it is done before winter 2016, lets see how many surprises we still have.




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