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Dash and cockpit is ready.

After the previous posts on curtains, flooring, speakers and upholstering the OEM steering wheel and dash frame the final result can (finally) be shown today. Pfffttt.

It was much harder then I thought to place everything back. Somehow getting the new LED dash lights to work was a nightmare. But its ready now and it looks amazing. Also replaced the plexiglas dials, all shiny and clean again. I am impressed how that old dash looks brand new now. I hired some one to help me with the new speakers, so thats done as well.In the OEM speakers are now the high tones and in the new speakers below are the low tones. Also 2 new speakers in the bedroom and the TV is connected to. The sound is like you’re in a club. Well I got my new Melamine kick ass dinning set so hubby got his stereo.

The last hurdles to take before closing the dash was connecting the rear camera to the break and stereo so that when you back up the screen pops out automatically and shows the rear view. Another thing still waiting to be placed back is the steering wheel. It got upholstered but during the rough removal from a friend who wanted to surprise me (!?! he sure did) a piece broke off, which needed to be repaired.

After many months I can now proudly present to you the new improved dash and cockpit.








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