Flooring finally installed

Yes! Today the floor has been installed. After all the delays I had with installing kitchen – dash and electricity I did not got the nerves nor the energy to do the flooring myself anymore. A good friend (were we ordered the flooring from) stepped in and offered to help for a friendly price. I could not be happier! The man who installed the carpet and the Forbo vinyl was sweating like crazy but he got the job done.



I need to make some better pictures but tomorrow might be some furniture placed back and a good moment to make more pictures……. This is all good stuff.

The last detail is now ready. I have made a little trim for the carpet around the seats, ready to be glued on the steal riser. Important is that the glue can handle high heat.  A household sewing machine has issues knitting the carpet and trim together but by hand it is possible also. I did the first knit by machine (upside down) and the second by hand. It looks glam!


Some more pictures: The lights still do not work so it is dark and messy (because we had to remove them to get new ones) but will change the pictures out when finished product is done.






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