Vinyl flooring from Forbo

Greenwise marmoleum is better then vinyl but I liked the concrete look of the Vinyl better. Besides this material is less sturdy and should therefore be easier to install.

The Forbo technical department gave instructions on how to do this in an RV.  First we need a paper model of the floor. Remove all staples and other imperfections. Reflex paper is placed under the heat mats we purchased.  Every dent or hole will be seen threw the Vinyl eventually so a layer of 3mm plywood will even the floor out. This is how far we have come.


Vinyl Flooring Forbo
Concreet (Beton Cire) – countertop

This is how the floor looks today, yes its almost done.





  1. Hello,
    You’ve done a beautiful job with the renovation of your GMC. I am very intrigued by the “heat mat” that you’ve installed beneath the vinyl flooring. Is it far infrared? I’ve been researching far infrared radiant film for use beneath flooring and this is the first time I’ve seen it done in a GMC. How effective in heating the interior of the coach is this heat mat, or is it merely to keep the floor itself warm? And, what is the power draw as far as wattage, is it useful as a heat source when camping without utility hookups, does it drain the battery or is it very economical?


  2. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the comments. I can not find anything of this strangely enough in my blog. So here is what I can remember:
    The heat mat is from “HEATNET”. This 2HEAT foil heating matt is 0.2 mm thick”. It is in 50 or in 75cm wide and the length is flexible.
    We installed the 220V version of 100 Watt per/m2 and additional RCD (by an electrical installer). As our main heater does not work we only have this and it works really well but we did put the matt down on all free floor spaces.
    I do regret not to take the 12 volt version for wildcamping / boondocking, so I really can not say if it would effect the battery much.
    Hope this helps,
    Best regards,


      1. Light freezing (below zero degrees). In October it was 8 degrees outside and we had 20 degrees inside with the heat mats. Still having an additional heating is recommendable.


      2. Hallo Paul, wat leuk dat je zelf een GMC wilt importeren en opknappen. Het is niet makkelijk maar het uiteindelijke resultaat is uniek. Mocht je na het lezen van ons blog nog vragen hebben dan kun je ons altijd schrijven of bellen op 0622 976459. Gr. Petra


  3. Hi, did you remove the old plywood floor, or did you add new stuff to the old cleaned up plywood? Your changes are amazingly beautiful!


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