Entrance door (update)

The lower panel is now upholstered and installed. We used velcro so there are no screws in sight, which is good! Mmmm do not know if the foam is thick enough, it looks different then what I had in mind.

Here are some examples I found online of GMC-ers:

Example from GMC-er
Example from GMC-er

The wooden blinds 2,5 cm (0,98 inch) are ordered and will be fixated at the bottom with a little plastic pieces. This system is because we like them mostly all the way up and no frames visable. The only piece missing now is the OEM window trim from unpaintable rubber.  Which I think has to stay white for now….


After: The entrance door upholstery finished



2017 New paint



  1. I don’t know how old this listing is but just in case it’s current, since you used velcro to mount it I’ll assume you used the bend over metal tab buttons for the tufted look, just take it apart then and add thicker foam……….


    1. Hi Paul, you are right, it is an older post. We kept it the way it is but soon we are changing the entrance again because we want to make the door fit better and adding a screen door. Thanks for your input! Regards, Petra


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