Entrance door

Just when you think you are ready painting so see more stuff….. Today the entrance door jumped out. The top upholstery and the steel door panel part are ready but the sides and doorstep are really greasy and worn out. This needs to be done before the door has its wow moment.

After a good cleaning rub, removing all the dirt and old glue, it always looks so much better, then use the best multi primer there is and finish it off with a paint coat.

Only thing left is a new rubber for the foot step and off course the lower door panel (waiting for upholstery).

If I wait to post on the blog, only when its 100% finished I have nothing to post…… So here is the 75% finished door.

BEFORE: Entrance door rubber totally gone and grease or glue left overs on the left.
AFTER: painted the sides and old screws for a finished look.
BEFORE: The sides are not painted yet and the lower door panel is not ready.
AFTER: Removed the old grease. Ready for paint job.
AFTER: side strips door are painted in the interior color. Incl. the rusted screws.

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