Started installing the headliner (update)

After 40 years the material what used to be on the ceiling, was more or less “gone”. Back then they used some kind of card board, however I must say that it last for ever! Even after several H2O attacks.. A local company who also takes care of the upholstery, helped us installing the headliner. These… Continue reading Started installing the headliner (update)


Captive chairs (or captain chairs)?

Captive chairs: The arm rests are broken and needed repair before we can have them upholstered. The previous welded connection has broke loose after 40 years. Can’t blame it. Any way, to fix it, a new hole is drilled (3mm steel drill) followed by a 4mm drill to prepare it for a M5 screw thread so a flush screw will… Continue reading Captive chairs (or captain chairs)?