Interior demolition

This motorhome already had a total technical update at Jim Bounds and finally at Alex Sirum Florida before we had it shipped to Europe to have the interior done.  Recently this GMC was also equipped with new roof AC, Max Air vents, Norcold frige, HiFi, TV, Nav, porcelain toilet and new front wind shields. The rough planning is as follows:

Interior planning:

-remove old interior

-close all holes and repair all leaks

-add an additional layer of insulation on top of the original foam

-replace headliner

-new LED light plan with new puck-lights

-new electricity – 110 for present appliances + 220 volt for Euro outlets

-paint all plastic incl. bath and dashboard

-paint all wood and vineer cabinets and furniture walls

-new permanent bed with storage and coil mattress

-new headboard for permanent bed t.b.d.

-new drawers under the existing dinette and bunk

-replace upholstery with high-end fabric

-replace tables materials t.b.d.

-replace  kitchen countertop material t.b.d.

-reposition furnace

-replace all appliances (burners, sink and faucet, oven)

-replace carpet in cockpit

-new vinyl flooring



-replace bath and fridge wall paneling due to water dammage

-replace kitchen for European style

-fixing major leakages at new installed MaxAir vents, Roof AC (this happens when people are careless while working with your coach…)

-re-wiring HiFi, speaker cables






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