Permanent bed

Building back the water tank & pump.

By Chris: Water pump prep After ripping 90% inside out, I finally made a start with building things back in. Actually both parts are nice, but building up just a bit more. In the rear of the coach there is an extra insulation material (foam sheets with aluminum backing) on the floor and on the outside of… Continue reading Building back the water tank & pump.

Original kitchen makeover

Kitchen built a new one or keep the original?

We did not calculated on buying a new kitchen neither did we plan on re-assemble and restore the old one. The initial plan was to leave it in the coach and put a new countertop on it with new appliances. The thing is, when you start pulling things out, it is hard to stop, so… Continue reading Kitchen built a new one or keep the original?

Original cabinets makeover

Cabinet prep work

One of the reasons why we loved this coach so much was the louvered cabinet doors. But after the project and especially the mood board was progressing I realized that they really looked very “seventies” and not modern at all. (How can this be incorporated in the “metropolitan luxury” style??)  After viewing some pictures online of (badly) painted… Continue reading Cabinet prep work