Window decoration: curtains, valences, wooden mini blinds

Cockpit curtains one year later

The previous curtain post for the cockpit is already 1 year ago. It had a lot of reactions when posted also on the GMC motorhome facebook page. It seemed like there are more people questioning how to do this correctly. Today we are still very pleased with them but I never finished the bottom of the fabric.… Continue reading Cockpit curtains one year later

Before · Exterior - bodywork preperations - painting

Alcoa’s wheels and bumper cleaning

Update May 2017. Did not like to looks of the cleaning at all. So we bought a simple polishing set (39€). Although it took me another day to do all 6 rims at least you can see the reflection in the final result! This is so much better! Next time I want to remove the rims from… Continue reading Alcoa’s wheels and bumper cleaning

kitchen · Storage

Kitchen dinnerware and storage update

Update may 2017: Still needed to make a final picture in the cabinet with the dividers and the dinnerware. March 2017: O yeah …..the dinnerware set from Donatelle USA has arrived and I am quite sure that there are not many out here (Europe) with this kind of dinnerware from the states…. Totally love it. So now that… Continue reading Kitchen dinnerware and storage update