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Kitchen dinnerware and storage update

O yeah …..the dinnerware set from Donatelle USA has arrived and I am quite sure that there are not many out here (Europe) with this kind of dinnerware from the states…. Totally love it. So now that I know what the exact sizes are, I can plan the storage inside the cabinet making sure that all pieces… Continue reading Kitchen dinnerware and storage update

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Lady Penelope with new makeup but without dress.

Look at that shine! Isn’t it gorgeous?? We finished the paint job just before Christmas en left our friends at the shop just before New Year. Still we can not leave the coach outside as we have to finish/close the last items before it is waterproof. So the next stop is a storage space we… Continue reading Lady Penelope with new makeup but without dress.

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Exterior roof rail makeover

When everything is freshly painted, the old roof rail and ladder are looking really shabby and noway near chic! So here is another project what costs you a lot of time. So start sanding you’re way threw the dirty layers. The finished result will make you happy. It is very shiny and if you do not want to… Continue reading Exterior roof rail makeover

Exterior - bodywork preperations - painting

Exterior Paint steps Update (not final)

Although we are still somewhere in this project. Here are the steps we are taking to get to the desired end result …..eventually.   Step 1: Remove all removable item -24 hours- 7 Roof vent/ac covers. All Cat eye lights – 2 raindrip rails – 1 doordriprail – 1 awning – window rubbers – 1 door and all… Continue reading Exterior Paint steps Update (not final)

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Before – after pictures

Personally I love before and after pictures in makeover stories. It gives you in one blink of an eye the “What” (what has changed) without having to read the why and the how of the makeover artist. In other words without the BS……                        … Continue reading Before – after pictures

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How to import a GMC Motorhome out of the USA into Europe.

People always asking how we did it. In this article you can find the thought progress and  knowledge and experience we have gained. There might be many more ways to do it but this is just the way we did it. Reading this could save you a lot of time and energy. For sure it is… Continue reading How to import a GMC Motorhome out of the USA into Europe.

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Exterior paint update test color

Initially we hoped that buffing out the OEM paint would be enough but it looks to tired overall and in some places it even start peeling off. For those looking for advise I can only tell you to start with the exterior instead of the other way around. We have added already meters and meters of sealant which… Continue reading Exterior paint update test color