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Alcoa’s wheels and bumper cleaning

I lost all my nails trying to clean 2 of the 6 wheels (and still not satisfied).  Off course finding the right products is more difficult here then in the US. Maybe because they have a bigger market and I also think that Europe has more environment regulations then the US. (That is a good thing… Continue reading Alcoa’s wheels and bumper cleaning

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Kitchen dinnerware and storage update

O yeah …..the dinnerware set from Donatelle USA has arrived and I am quite sure that there are not many out here (Europe) with this kind of dinnerware from the states…. Totally love it. So now that I know what the exact sizes are, I can plan the storage inside the cabinet making sure that all pieces… Continue reading Kitchen dinnerware and storage update

Exterior - bodywork preperations - painting

Lady Penelope with new makeup but without dress.

Look at that shine! Isn’t it gorgeous?? We finished the paint job just before Christmas en left our friends at the shop just before New Year. Still we can not leave the coach outside as we have to finish/close the last items before it is waterproof. So the next stop is a storage space we… Continue reading Lady Penelope with new makeup but without dress.